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Gut + Skin Cleanse 2024


What is it?

Our 2024 Gut + Skin Cleanse Program Pack is a simple way to supercharge your skin and gut health — all in one go. This program is designed to improve your digestive health, nourish your gut and give your skin exactly what it needs to glow from the inside out. With delicious, fuss-free recipes — this program is about abundance, not deprivation. In addition to the meal guide and delicious recipes, this fuss-free cleanse involves a simple routine where we mix together our GUT + SKIN drink daily for optimal gut and skin benefits.

When does it start?

Our 2024 Gut + Skin Cleanse kicks off on Monday 26th February. Whilst you can technically start anytime, the official start date is February 26th if you want to do it with us, and with the wider SWIISH community.

What can I expect?

  • A reset for your body
  • A cleansed & nourished gut
  • Improved digestion and less bloating
  • Support for radiant, glowing skin
  • Fuss-free and easy to follow
  • Delicious weekly meal plans
  • Join and start at any time
  • Support from Team SWIISH whenever you need it
  • A broadcast channel on the SWIISH Instagram for regular updates direct from Sally and Maha

What do I need to do to join?

All you need is your 2024 Gut + Skin Cleanse Program Pack which contains:

  • GUT FIBRE Cleansing Powder 120g
  • GLOW Marine Collagen Powder 135g

I have enough GUT FIBRE / GLOW Collagen already – where can I buy the program without the powders?

You can pick up the program without the powders right here.

I got my GUT FIBRE / GLOW Collagen from Priceline between Monday 5th February and Sunday 17th March, 2024 – how can I upload my receipt to receive my free Gut + Skin Cleanse E-program?

Pick up your GUT FIBRE Cleansing Powder 120g and GLOW Marine Collagen Powder 135g from any Priceline store or online at between Monday 5 February and Sunday 17th March, 2024 and receive the Cleanse E-Program for free by following these 3 easy steps…

  1. Snap a clear photo of your Priceline receipt, ensuring it’s not blurry
  2. Upload it via our Google form (it takes less than 60 seconds!) 
  3. You’ll receive your FREE Cleanse E-program within 48 hours via email.

How can I use my rewards points to save on the Gut + Skin Cleanse Program?

If you're a rewards member, simply log into your account to see how many points you have. You can then cash in your rewards for a discount code to use at the checkout. Depending on how many points you have, you can save $20 on one transaction. Find out more here. If you aren't already a rewards member then make sure you sign up as you'll earn points on purchases which can be cashed in for discount vouchers.

I heard there's an Instagram broadcast channel – how do I join?

Yes! Head to the SWIISH instagram account and you'll find a link with a speech bubble emoji in the bio. Here you'll have direct access to Sally, Maha and Team SWIISH during the challenge for added support. It's a fun platform and you'll be able to ask questions, share your feedback and be part of the community who are all doing the cleanse together.

Are there recipes for all my meals?

Yes! We have you covered with all your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes for the 21 day duration of the cleanse. And they all taste AHHHHMAZING.

Are there vegetarian options?

Definitely — out of 45 recipes across breakfast lunch and dinner, 29 are vegetarian and the rest can be easily adapted. For example, swap out any meat or fish for veggies, tofu, beans or your favourite plant-based meat. You can also opt to repeat any of the vegetarian recipes on a day where a non-vegetarian recipe is used.

Got another question?

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