Kids Supergreen Powder - 150G

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Is dinner time always a struggle at your house? Do your kids refuse to eat their veggies and no matter how hard you try to hide carrots in their bolognese, they always manage to pick them out? We feel you, which is why we created KIDS SUPERGREEN Powder. A nutrient-dense medley of green veggies, fruits, probiotics and superfoods, specially formulated for healthy growing bodies. Can help support immunity, aid digestion, and thanks to the probiotics keep their little tummies happy. Most importantly, KIDS SUPERGREEN Powder ensures your little ones get their daily dose of essential fruit & veg.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Please check with your doctor before taking supplements, starting or stopping any medication, or if you have any general concerns.

150g (approx 30 serves)

♻︎ All SWIISH Wellness products can be recycled in your normal household recycling. We use recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste.


  • Broccoli for folate and Vitamins K and C
  • Pineapple to support bone and eye health
  • Antioxidant-rich apple for dietary fibre
  • Alfalfa for calcium, iron and potassium
  • Spinach for zinc, magnesium, calcium and Vitamins A, C, E and K.


Wheat Grass Powder Cert Org (12%), Broccoli Food Powder (7%), Pineapple Powder (11%), Apple Powder (10%), Mango Powder (9%), Kiwifruit Juice Powder (8%), Alfalfa Powder (5%), Cucumber Powder (4%), Lime Juice Powder (4%), Spinach Powder (3%), Linseed/Flaxseed Flour (3%), Inulin Cert Organic Powder (3%), Blueberry Powder (2%), Chia Seed Powder (2%), Goji Juice Powder (2%), Kelp Powder (1%), Papaya Powder (1%), Monk Fruit Juice Powder (1%), Lemon Flavour Natural Powder (1%), Kale Powder Cert Organic (1%), Chlorella Powder Cert Organic (1%), Spirulina Powder Cert Organic (1%), Peppermint Leaves Powder (1%), Probiotic Blend 3 (1%), Echinacea Root Powder (1%), Rosehips Powder Organic (1%), Ginger Powder (1%), Acai Powder Cert Organic (1%), Turmeric Powder Cert Organic (0.5%) Siberian Ginseng Powder Organic (0.4%) Shiitake Mushroom Ext Powder (0.4%) Maitake Mushroom Ext Powder (0.4%), Stevia Extract (White) 40% (0.1%), Parsley Powder (0.1%), Cinnamon Powder (0.1%)


  • No gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy or soy
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No fillers, binders or preservatives
  • Non-GMO


Add 1 teaspoon into ½ cup (125ml) of water, juice or a smoothie and stir well, once a day.


The KIDS Supergreen Powder is designed to support healthy growth and development in children. It utilises a blend of over 30 superfood ingredients, including prebiotics, medicinal mushrooms, and plenty of fruits and vegetables that are often difficult to get them to eat as food alone.


The KIDS Supergreen Powder contains important immune-supporting ingredients including turmeric, echinacea root, and medicinal mushrooms. These work synergistically to strengthen immunity, acting as immunomodulators in the body. This means they stimulate the immune system as needed to help the body fight infection, disease, or other pathogens. Findings also suggest these ingredients can help enhance the number of lymphoid (immune) cells in developing children. The active polyphenolic compounds in these plant-based ingredients also have potent antioxidant properties in the body.

Catanzaro, M., Corsini, E., Rosini, M., Racchi, M., & Lanni, C. (2018). Immunomodulators Inspired by Nature: A Review on Curcumin and Echinacea. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 23(11), 2778. 

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Probiotics and the gut
The blend of probiotics in our KIDS Supergreen Powder is designed to positively affect gut health and brain function. Preclinical studies have shown that changes in the gut microbiota as a result of probiotic supplementation can assist various gastrointestinal issues in children. This comes from the effect that probiotics have on diversifying the gut microbiome and increasing the diversity of gut microflora. The follow-on effect of this is that the gut has a positive influence on healthy brain and cognitive development in children, due to the gut-brain axis being a bidirectional communication pathway affecting mood, emotion, social interactions, behaviour, and even food intake. 

Viggiano, D., Ianiro, G., Vanella, G., Bibbò, S., Bruno, G., Simeone, G., & Mele, G. (2015). Gut Barrier in Health and Disease: Focus On Childhood. European review for medical and pharmacological sciences, 19(6), 1077–1085. 

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What does it taste like?
With no artificial sweeteners or flavours and no added sugar, the natural yummy pine-punch taste will also make the fussiest of eaters happy!