Organic Magnesium Oil – 50ml

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Toss and turn for hours before you finally drift off? Do your muscles ache after working out or do you always feel tired, no matter how much sleep you get? These can all be symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, something that many people suffer from and don’t even know about! Magnesium is a vital mineral that everyone needs for optimal health and wellbeing.


Our SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil is 100% Certified Organic, vegan and made right here in Australia. It comes in a conveniently mini-sized 50ml premium serum dispenser for easy application. Made from organically-sourced magnesium chloride (pure seawater), our oil is highly concentrated, not diluted or made from flakes like many others on the market. Unscented and all natural, Organic Magnesium Oil has a superior feel and does not leave a white sulphate residue on your skin. We scientifically test the magnesium content during each production run. Unlike other products on the market, we have the results to prove our product is of the highest strength & quality. 


SIZE: 50ml. Also available in a larger 125ml size.


♻︎ All SWIISH Wellness products can be recycled in your normal household recycling. We use recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste.


  • Assists with overall relaxation and wellbeing
  • Helps reduce inflammation and assist muscle recovery
  • Supports sleep by inducing physical and muscular relaxation


Australian Certified Organic Magnesium Chloride (Food Grade Product)


Apply a small amount (1-2 pumps) to the affected area and gently massage into the skin. For maximum absorption, apply daily to your whole body and rinse off any residue with water after 30 minutes. In this short time, your body will absorb the oil and reap the benefits. You can also add it to your bath for relaxation. We recommend patch testing before use. Tip: For extra absorption, try rubbing the magnesium oil onto the soles of your feet before you go to sleep. The feet are the most absorptive part of the body and are incredibly receptive to the oil.


Note: A tingling sensation can occur, which is normal for some individuals. If this occurs, wipe away oil with a damp towel or just dilute the oil with water before application. Avoid applying to open wounds or sensitive areas. For external use only.


What is magnesium oil?
Magnesium is a mineral and our Organic Magnesium Oil is magnesium oil extracted from pure sea water. It has no chemicals or other nasties and is organic.

What is it made from?

Our SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil is made from organically sourced magnesium chloride (pure seawater), with a 4 year maturation. It’s 100% natural and made with organic ingredients to produce the best possible result. We only use the purest Australian Organic Certified ingredients.

What is it used for?

There are many different conditions that magnesium oil can be used for, such as overall relaxation, muscle recovery or assisting with sleep. Extensive research has shown that there are many therapeutic benefits of magnesium: it has been proven to reduce inflammation and assist muscle recovery for post-workout or injury relief.

What is it good for?
It is suitable for people of all ages. For children, we make a specially formulated Kids Organic Magnesium Oil. 

What does it help with?
SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil can help with muscle/joint aches and pains, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, leg cramps and restless legs, energy levels, period pain, growing pains, muscle fatigue and recovery, stress and anxiety and sleeplessness.

Can I add it to a bath?

Yes, you can! We recommend for adults to use 30-50ml, for children, add from a few pumps through to 30mls, depending on their age. For a footbath, add 10-20mls.

Does it feel oily?
It’s not oily at all. When you first apply it, there is a texture to it, but once it has been completely absorbed, there is almost no residue.

Sometimes I feel a tingling sensation after I apply the oil – is this normal?
Yes, this can be normal for some people. A tingling sensation can sometimes occur when a person is magnesium deficient. With continued use and as your magnesium levels increase, you may no longer experience the feeling. The tingling sensation can also come from a build-up of toxins in the skin’s cells. If the tingling sensation seems to be excessive or annoys you, you can dilute the magnesium oil with distilled or filtered water. An alternative way to use the magnesium oil is to add it to your bath and soak in it for 20 minutes.

I have sensitive skin – can I still use this?

Our SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil is all natural and designed to be as gentle on the skin as possible, whilst still being effective. Some people do experience a tingling sensation when they apply the oil. So if you have sensitive skin we suggest always doing a patch test before using.

Do I have to wash it off after 30 minutes?

No, you don’t have to wash it off, this is just a recommendation for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of product on their skin. However, if you are going to wash the oil off, please wait at least 30 minutes to make sure you still get the therapeutic benefits.

Is SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil safe for children?

Yes, we make a version formulated especially for little ones – Kids Organic Magnesium Oil. Kids sometimes don’t enjoy the feeling of the oil on their skin, so adding it to their bath is a great way for them to receive all the benefits without them even knowing that it’s there!

Can I take your magnesium oil orally?
No, SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil is not for oral or internal use.

Can this help with sleep?

Yes, it can. Magnesium oil helps our bodies, in particular with sleep, by relaxing certain receptors in our brain and nervous system. It also aids neurological and physiological processes when the body is under pressure. We apply the oil to our feet at night so our bodies can absorb the mineral so we can relax and get a great night’s sleep. To get the maximum benefit and give your body the best chance of a great sleep, we suggest combining SWIISH Organic Magnesium Oil with our SLEEP Superfood Powder for the ultimate night’s sleep!

I still want to know more!

No worries, you can find more info here on the SWIISH blog.