The Ultimate Chef Pack

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Take the thinking out of weeknight dinners. With this bundle of cookbooks, you'll never be short of delicious, healthy and easy meals for you and the family.

Imagine getting home at the end of the day, opening the fridge and finding that your dinner is done. We've come up with a system that will minimise the amount of time you spend preparing food each week. You'll spend two hours in the kitchen, tops, once a week, and then you'll have ALL your weeknight meals cooked for the whole family.

Create amazingly delicious one-pot meals, one-tray wonders, monster salads, nourishing bowls, and satisfying snacks that are nutritious and quick to prepare, with affordable ingredients – and best of all, they're SUPER EASY! 

SIMPLE & LEAN (RRP $24.95)We share 140 of our favourite all-new smoothies, salads, snacks and bowl recipes designed to help you get lean, gain more energy and feel amazing. Divided into four sections – smoothies, salads, bowls and snacks –  we know that Super Green, Simple And Lean is guaranteed to become your new bestie in the kitchen because it is certainly ours! 

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