We all know drinking lots of water does wonders for our health, but let's face it, some days can be a little harder than others to fit in the recommended two (or more!) litres. Well, we have a few little tips that we have implemented at SWIISH HQ and it’s worked wonders for our team.

Regularly throughout the day, someone in the team will yell out “Hydration Break!” and it’s a reminder for us all to drink some H2O or to refill our drink bottles. If you work at home, just set a timer for every half an hour or so to remind yourself to have a big drink of the good stuff. Rather than glasses, we love drink bottles because we can easily track how much we’re drinking, they’re good for the environment (so important!) and we can take them from the office to the gym and everywhere in between.
We’ve rounded up our favourite drink bottles that are so stylish you’ll want one in every colour but most importantly, they’re good for the environment.

We first heard of this brand of water bottles because all of our favourite celebs were carting their BKR bottles to and from yoga, the gym, press events, premieres and restaurants. If it’s good enough for Jennifer Garner and Gisele Bündchen, it’s good enough for us, right?! These luxe glass water bottles are the key to staying hydrated all day long and come in the best range of colours and sizes. Pick yours up at your local Mecca or online here.  


S’well drink bottles are well, you know, swell! They’re insulated which means your drink can stay cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Yep, they do double duty so not only can you use them for your H2O (or wine?! hahaha) but you can also use them for your tea and coffee as well! Combining fashion and function, S’well bottles are BPA-free, eco friendly and come in a range of different sizes. Get your hands on a swell S’well bottle by heading to The Iconic.



Another hot tip we have for upping our water intake is to infuse our H2O with fruit and this is one of the main reasons why we love our Bobble water bottles – the nozzle is big enough to add chopped lemon, cucumber, strawberries and blueberries to our water. The bonus is that Bobble water bottles also contain a carbon-filter, which removes all the nasties, like chlorine, that can find its way into our water. Get your Bobble from your local Woolies, Coles, Target, Big W or Officeworks.




When we first heard of CamelBak drink bottles, we immediately thought of the backpacks that are filled with water that hikers wear hahaha. While we’re not professional hikers (obviously), we were so pleased to hear that CamelBak does a range of drink bottles for the non-hikers like ourselves and the Eddy is our favourite. It doesn’t leak (yep, we’re not kidding!) and comes in a range of colours. The spout makes it super easy to drink, which makes it perfect for exercising. Pick up your Camelbak Eddy from your local Rebel store or online here.


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