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About Us

Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett Co-Founders of SWIISH

At SWIISH, we want you to feel vibrant, confident and passionate about who you choose to be. 

We empower you to be undeniably you — the real you — not some version of you that others say you should be.


SWIISH is wellness your way.

Through our expertise and tenacious approach, we create our products to inspire you to be your authentic self and to seize each day with a glowing, healthy confidence.

Because they were developed for you.


You are SWIISH, in fact you put the “II” in SWIISH.

Brand history

Australia’s leading wellness and beauty brand, SWIISH stands for strength. But it also stands for confidence, assuredness and self-worth, for action and empowerment. 

The brand was founded in 2012 by sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett. With a global community quickly building around the brand and the release of their #1 best-selling book, Super Green Smoothies, SWIISH’s wellness range followed in 2016 and then beauty in 2023.

SWIISH supplements are scientifically formulated and carefully created, using the highest-grade ingredients and tested again and again for efficacy. There are no shortcuts, no preservatives, no cheap fillers and no nasties. But there are five-star reviews — thousands of them — and products so popular they regularly sell out. As the business grew, Sally and Maha left their esteemed careers in television and investment banking behind to focus on SWIISH’s stratospheric growth. 

Long before wellness had become a trend, Sally and Maha were driven to help others feel vibrant, confident and passionate about who they choose to be. With key supplements formulated to improve skin glow, hair growth, gut health, sleep, metabolism and energy levels the range is designed to enable you to seize each day with a glowing, healthy confidence.

The SWIISH Shift

“There is a noticeable and distinct shift that occurs. Our community tells us, every day, that when they take our products there's a very distinct shift in how they feel and once this happens, they can never go back. Every single day when you nourish your body with SWIISH you’re getting stronger, you’re reminding yourself that you are important, that you add value and you have a place in the world. And that no one can be you, but you.” 


I wake up thinking about you. I go to bed thinking about you. You — our SWIISH community — are our everything. As market leaders we innovate with you in mind. We want you to live the life of your dreams, and we know that to do that, wellness — physical and mental — is key. And that’s our mission. To help you, be undeniably you.

Sally ObermederCO–FOUNDER


I’m fiercely passionate about you being you. No one should tell you who to be. What to do. Or what to think. Our time here is precious and you deserve to live it in all your glory. Lean into your life with vibrance and strength. Look after your health and take control of your wellness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our SWIISH community live their life, out loud.

Maha CorbettCO–FOUNDER