Founded by sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett, SWIISH stands for: Stylish Women Inspiring Inner Strength, Health and Happiness. The ultimate feel-good online destination, SWIISH is all about creating the best version of you – from your wellness and health to your personal style, beauty and home. FIND OUT MORE

100% committed


Our mission to feel amazing, inside and out, also extends to our planet. At SWIISH, we are on a journey to become a more sustainable business, by having both a positive social and environmental impact. We are continually developing and refining our approach to reflect our commitment to environmental, ethical and social issues, combined with an ongoing approach to circularity plus giving back to the community and the planet as a whole. FIND OUT MORE

100% HEART


At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than health and happiness. Our WISH BY SWIISH™ charitable initiative helps bring a little sparkle and joy to women battling serious illness (a difficult journey Sally knows all too well having survived cancer herself). WISH BY SWIISH™ helps those who need it most feel loved and know that they're being cheered on to stay strong and keep on fighting. FIND OUT MORE