It’s pretty clear that the Athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.  It all started when gym wear hit the streets for a relaxed, comfy look.  By 2016, it was all about stylish, luxe workout wear that could be worn just about anywhere, except the workplace.  Well, not anymore!

This year, we’re seeing a huge rise in comfy, sports-inspired fashion that’s still formal enough to wear to work.  Because let’s face it, if you don't have to switch into a pair of rigid, no-stretch pants and a stiff shirt after spending the weekend in leggings and sneakers, why would you?!

It’s called ‘workleisure’ and basically, it’s all about taking soft, cosy, breathable fabrics like mesh, lycra and spandex – the fabrics that have typically dominated the athleisure scene – and making them into work-appropriate pieces.  We’ll also see a lot more backpacks and sporty stripes.  

Here are some of our favourite ways to wear the trend…


What would once be considered a forbidden fashion combo, the dress-and-joggers look is now a go-to trend.  Mixing feminine work clothing with the comfort of sneakers, this is the perfect way to nail workleisure.  

Work the sporty look into your office outfit by adding stripes.  Bold stripes are already a huge trend for 2017, so why not bring them into the workplace?  We’re loving the break from the dull black, white and browns you’d usually see in the corporate world.  


Soft, woolen, drapy fabrics and loose fits are fast becoming popular choices for office attire.  Try a slouchy pant and oversized jumper set, paired with ankle boots for a super chic but relaxed look.  


Try combining soft, sporty clothing with tailored pieces for a cool, work-appropriate look.  Mix a sweatshirt with a structured jacket and tailored pants or track pants with heels and a blazer.

Here's a little more style inspo below: