In Week 4 we’ll be focusing on one last - but equally as important - area… the body.

1: Head over heels

Or in this case… heels overhead! Tonight you’ll be finding your inner yogi by spending 5 minutes with your feet up the wall

This simple pose:

  • calms the nervous system 

  • allows blood flow back to the heart 

  • increases circulation to your brain for rest  

How to do it: You can do this pose straight from bed if there’s a wall nearby. Just sit your hips right up against the wall, then lay on your side and lift your legs up gently as you rotate.  


2: Just roll with it 

Foam rolling is an incredible way to roll out the aches and pains that come with sitting at a desk (or on the couch!) for long periods.


  • spend 5 minutes on a roller to undo the day

  • work in slow movements up and down sore muscles 

  • breathe slowly and ease into each position


Either stretch your arms out in front or behind your head, rolling the area of your upper back.


Facedown, slowly move the roller from just above the knee to below the hip. Use both elbows for support and enjoy the stomach stretch while you’re there. 

3: A treat for your feet

In reflexology, feet are constantly worked on to support sleep. Sleep specialists suggest massaging The Pineal Reflex before bed. Why? This is the area on your foot connected to your Pineal Gland - the part of the brain responsible for releasing your sleep hormone

How to do it: 

  1. Use your pointer finger and thumb to press and hold the top of your big toe for around 30 seconds. 

  2. Proceed to hold any other pressure points on your body that you feel physical tension. 

  3. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

4: Release and relax

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a meditation technique used to relax the body one muscle at a time. It works by tensing then releasing a muscle group, by order of head to toe. 

On this second last night of the sleep solution, give progressive muscle relaxation a go in your own bed right as you lay down to fall asleep, using our favourite guided PMR meditation below...

5: Trust your gut

There are very few processes in the body that aren’t gut-related, but sleep is one of the most important. 

A healthy gut can:

  • support your immune system

  • regulate sleep patterns

  • produce sleep hormones 

Eating probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods will help enhance your gut microflora so that you are able to produce sleep hormones such as melatonin. 

For a little wrap-up of the week, screenshot the summary below to keep on hand!

Thank you so, SO much for joining us on this 30 DAY SLEEP SOLUTION. We hope you’ve enjoyed finding your calm over the past four weeks just as much as we have. 

As we continue to navigate this difficult time in the world, we want to thank you for being a part of our beautiful community and partaking in the Sleep Solution with us. We have loved connecting with each and every one of you, and hope that you walk away from this feeling a little lighter than when you entered. 

Sweet dreams SWIISH Sleepers, sending love, health and happiness to you all right now. 

Sally, Maha & The SWIISH Team