Simple And Lean

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We share 140 of our favourite all-new smoothies, salads, snacks and bowl recipes designed to help you get lean, gain more energy and feel amazing.

All the recipes stay true to our ethos that healthy eating can be fast, easy and best of all, oh so delicious! 

We love to share all we know about how to make healthy, tasty food in a way that’s Super Green, Simple And Lean. Simple to prepare, simple to cook and filled with superfoods that make you look and feel super too!

Everything in this book is what you have come to know and, we hope, love from us: food that’s super-low in calories and super-high on taste.

Divided into four sections – smoothies, salads, bowls and snacks –  we know that Super Green, Simple And Lean is guaranteed to become your new bestie in the kitchen because it is certainly ours! 

If you have followed our healthy lifestyle journey through our books, or on, you’ll know we believe in making life in the kitchen as easy and enjoyable as possible, which is why we are sooooo thrilled with our latest addition because it ticks all of those boxes!

* Paperback book