The Good Life

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If there’s one thing we're sure of, it’s that we love to eat and we love to cook!

We have always enjoyed creating and swapping recipes with each other and with our SWIISH readers. A couple of years ago, after we published Super Green Smoothies, we were flooded with feedback and requests for more. You loved our LEAN. FAB. FAST philosophy and wanted to know what we eat the rest of the day, what we whip up when we’re short on time, and what we create when entertaining friends and family.

With that in mind, we pulled together our favourite recipes that we love to make and eat – over 160 of them in fact – which will help you get lean, feel great and look amazing. Welcome to The Good Life!

The recipes in The Good Life are focussed on a super-green lifestyle, to keep you feeling satisfied, energised, lean and strong. Think delicious brekkies, lunches and dinners that are full of fresh veggies, superfoods and protein. Plus with Sal’s sweet tooth, there are a whole bunch of tempting desserts that allow for indulgence without the guilt.

 So if you love food and want to feel great, join us in living The Good Life!

*Paperback book