Detox Your Pantry E-Book

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Ever found yourself standing in your kitchen staring at all those “boring” pantry staples – but no idea what to do with them? This e-book will show you how to turn even the most mundane of ingredients into something delicious.

Loaded with over 30 brand new recipes, this e-book is your go-to guide for the ultimate pantry detox

One-pot pastas, deep-dish deliciousness, comforting oven bakes, immune-supporting meals, nourishing soups and curries, monster salads and no-bake snacks are just a few of the super tasty recipes we’ve got in store for you.

As well as these recipes, in this e-book you’ll also get: 

  • A step-by-step guide to detoxing your pantry… as well as a sneak-peek into Sally’s post-detox kitchen!
  • All the hidden health benefits of your kitchen staples & a guide to these secret superfoods
  • Our pantry essentials shopping list you won’t want to grocery shop without!

Designed to take the stress out of eating, Detox Your Pantry gives you the tools to create quick and healthy meals – even when you think there’s nothing to cook. The bonus is, you’ll give your pantry a much needed clean-out while you’re at it. 

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